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materials; are becoming over being, engaging change and transformation over fixed states.they 
emerge with energies that surpass their 
physicality. they are impermanent, precarious, and 
unraveling, with a potential for active change that is beyond us, possessing their own agency.


water is inherently active, always becoming, continually taking shape while never assuming one. in its
 collaboration with other matter,
territories are carved out to reveal unnoticed and new characteristics. water
 passes through salt blocks; walls and floors are
saturated; salt crystalizes as the air humidifies. these disruptions 
filter place through impurification. the two combine in to one and other, pointing to the 
interruptions within: sites of porosity, channels of both restriction and passage.


working between past and 
future without a present forces a reordering of the space/time relationship.
time as
dislocation, provoking matter to reinvent itself, offers both risk and opportunity. becoming allows 
continual engagement and motion through duration. this
duration of process reveals action and intervals which exist outside of a linear progression and 
advances as an irretrievable place.


the works
 ephemeral environments are minimal in construction yet complete in their
implication. Their shifting scales and mobility disclaim a fully resolved reference and
undermine the totality of a static form and function. As self-obscuring topographies, they reveal significant 
intervals between matter and form. Materials push against surfaces while simultaneously 
fraternizing with their
structures. As the process continues to diffuse and disfigure, it does not weaken, but instead 
becomes an evolving 
other. In dialogue with the spaces they inhabit, these environments are 
shaping and being shaped, and make necessary an inquiry into the role of one’s 
body in relation to various structures and materials.

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